Woodlands memory care

At the Woodlands Memory Care and Assisted Living Facility, we have the necessary skills and staff members to assist those with memory problems – whether it be dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or some other issue. We know the importance of sticking to a specific schedule, to adhere to the needs of those residents who benefit from having set schedules and routines in place.

A Location Like No Other

One of the things that makes the Woodlands Memory Care Facility special is our location, in Alden Bridge. The cottage is located in a park full of wildlife, nestled amongst the spectacular foliage. This helps residents feel as though they are ‘home’ rather than making them feel as though they are a part of a care facility.

Because there are limited spaces available, our residents have close contact with our staff members and each another. Having this intimate space goes a long way towards promoting personable care for each of our residents.

Structure Makes A Difference

At the Woodlands memory care Facility, we understand the importance of structure when it comes to creating a stress-free environment to those who struggle with memory problems. This means offering programs that are designed to help cognitive skills and other options that promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe that our residents have the right to enjoy themselves, regardless of what stage of memory problems they are in.

Staff Makes The Difference

At our Woodlands Memory Care Facility, the staff is what truly makes a difference. Our staff members care about our residents and our cottage manager truly feels as though our residents are part of our family. At the Woodlands assisted living facility, we understand that letting someone else care for your loved one can be difficult. That is why we make sure that we offer patients with memory problems the best type of care available.

If you want to know about the different care options that we have available or would like a tour of the facility, we highly recommend that you call our Woodlands Memory Care Facility.

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give us a call: 281-220-0882

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Minimum Rate: $5000/month