When to Look For an Alzheimer’s Assisted Living

November 13, 2013 developer Comments

Moving of your loved one from home to an assisted living can improve the quality of their life. You and your family may no longer have the resources to give them the specialized care that they need. Giving up the task of caring for your loved one can be difficult, but many times there is no other option. Alzheimer’s assisted livings are available for people who suffer from memory loss and who need help with activities of daily living. If your loved one’s memory is fading more and more, if they are wandering, or can no longer dress and bathe themselves, you can benefit by moving them to a new home where people are trained and willing to help you with their needs.

How to tell if your loved one is ready for an Alzheimer’s assisted living:

-Difficulty remembering daily chores.
-Falling often.
-Having physical limitations, such as poor vision or hearing.
-Consistently forgetting to take important medications.
-Not eating properly.
-Memory is failing and they forget important things, like turning off the stove.
-You feel they are unsafe in their environment and worry about them having an accident and not being able to get help.
-When they feel isolated and depressed and have lost interest in activities.
-Difficulty with personal grooming and dressing.

Alzheimer’s assisted livings can help your loved one live a more fulfilling life as the worries of routine tasks such as housework and shopping are taken care of by staff. They staff are also trained in all aspects of memory care so you and your family know your loved one is in good hands. You and your family can concentrate on taking care of yourself. Often times the family caregivers wear themselves out and get sick after long periods of time caring for a loved one.

Alzheimer’s assisted livings vary with respect to price and accommodations. If your loved one are is still very social and likes to be with a large group, they may be happier in a larger facility. The larger locations offer small apartments or rooms. On the other hand, there are many smaller memory care companies who only allow 16 residents per facility. These places offer cozy, home like settings for people who do not want such a drastic change and need more personalized care.

Trust your instinct. You and your family may be hesitant at first, but you will know when it is time to make this move. Discuss it with your family, they can offer support and guidance as well as help finding that place where your loved one will once again, feel at home.

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