Ways to Ease the Search for Assisted Living

August 24, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments

search assisted livingIf you have an elderly parent that’s starting to have trouble living on his or her own, then you should bring up assisted living. The idea is to start having conversations about it with your loved one before there is a crisis. Now some of the signs that the conversation may be needed is if your senior has bills that aren’t being paid, outdated or moldy food in the refrigerator; or if the person is in the same clothes two days at a time.

Another key point to consider is how the health is of your loved one. It is declining? So is aging in place feasible for the person or should assisted living be an option? Furthermore, is the home full of safety hazards for someone who’s health is declining or is having difficulty moving around? Also, are there family members or friends who can help with grocery shopping or getting the person to appointments? If the options are weighed then and aging in place isn’t an option, looking into different housing should be researched.

Now some of the questions that you should find answers to in this are; does the senior have any insurance coverage to help with interim care while a new housing situation is located? In addition, if the senior is going to be moved, will it be close to where the person lived before or closer to family? Too, online are resources which can help you with suggestions on finding good assisted living places and “starter kits” to get the discussion started with information about aging and health.

Also, when it comes down to actually looking for a new place for your loved one to live in, there are some considerations to take into account and mistakes to avoid. So below are some suggestions to help you both make a sensible and realistic decision:

 – You have to consider care in the future besides just now. Therefore; ask your senior’s doctor what possible health issues there are to be concerned about in the future so that the place that’s chosen has appropriate care when the time comes.

 – Choose a place that will make your loved one happy, not you. As an example, you don’t need a pool for someone who hates the water.

 – Don’t choose the first facility you visit. Checkout all options.

 – Assisted living comes in all prices and can have add-ons so read the fine print on all contracts.

Finding your senior a new place may take time and patience.

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