Taking a Piece of Home With Them

February 10, 2014 abigail Comments

Moving your loved one in to an Alzheimer’s assisted living can be a challenging process. Families want their loved ones to be as comfortable as possible in their new home away from home. One particular family from AutumnGrove Cottage did so by moving their loved one’s bedroom furniture to one of our cottages. This family set up the bedroom almost identical to their loved one’s bedroom back home. With the same blankets, pillows, pictures and trinkets, the bedroom looked as it had been lifted from their old home and place inside the cottage. The family was very excited to see the room transform just as they had imagined. They could not wait for their loved one to see her new place.

The next day when the loved one arrived, the family held their breath as she walked into her room. She walked around the room quietly looking at all the pictures and trinkets. Then, slowly, she turned to her family and stated, “Well, I am going to like this place, they have the same taste in style as me.”

Taking a piece of home to your loved one’s new assisted living can create a sense of comfort and peace as they make the transition. Whether that is their favorite blanket or a picture of their family, create a space of familiarity to them. You will find them fitting into their new home as if they had lived there their whole life.

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