Specialized Alzheimer’s Care Assisted Livings

January 31, 2014 developer Comments

There are many assisted living facilities in the world today. Each varying in size and style, all provide care for the average senior who is aging and needs assistance with the activities of daily living. Many assisted livings are licensed, designed and staffed for care associated with general needs that go along with aging.  The intense level of care and security necessary for seniors who suffer from a memory loss disease require a different environment than is typically found in general assisted living. While you will often find a general assisted living community with an area or wing sectioned off for those with memory related diseases, there are a growing number of specialized assisted livings. Specialized Alzheimer’s care assisted livings are licensed, designed and staffed to offer the higher level of care and assistance required for seniors with memory loss.

An assisted living that only cares for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia has the ability to focus on specific needs that arise with this very vulnerable population. The staff is trained in how to recognize different behaviors and habits that arise throughout the Alzheimer’s disease. They understand how to effectively communicate with the residents through body language and words. Activities for the residents are shorter and more engaging with a focus on brain stimulating games such as puzzles, Bingo Qwirkle and simple art projects. Ideally the building itself is designed for those with memory loss to help provide familiarity and comfort for the residents. Smaller rooms and living spaces, a continuous walking path through out the building so the residents never get “lost” at the end of a hallway, minimal doors and rooms to help reduce confusion, open gathering areas that make it easier for caregivers to monitor residents, and safe and accessible outdoor areas are all something to look for in an Alzheimer’s assisted living.

Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases are unique in that they affect everyone differently. Placing your loved one in an assisted living that is tailored to help care for your Dad, Mom, spouse or grandparent is one of the best acts of kindness you can do for them. You can be comforted by the fact that specialized assisted livings have the training and knowledge to handle all aspects of memory loss and ideally, the staff has the heart and compassion for this population. Specialized Alzheimer’s assisted livings can differ from each other in their size, design, management style and heart, but one thing remains the same, they are the experts in caring for those who battle with memory loss.

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