Why A Small Environment is Better for Someone with Dementia

June 18, 2018 developer Comments
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Finding the right place for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia can be a challenge. There are many memory care facilities in the Houston area, each boasting of various amenities they offer, but which one is the right home for your loved one?

Dementia patients can get lost or confused easily, and the home they live in must be just right. Is a large memory care facility the place to be, with lots of residents and many places to wander off and get lost? Where your loved one is just a patient identified by her room number? Or perhaps a small memory care home such as AutumnGrove Cottage in Houston feels more comfortable to your loved one.

AutumnGrove Cottage provides personalized memory care in a homelike setting. The Houston memory care facility centers on Alzheimer’s and dementia care, from their building design, culinary programs, and activities to training and education programs for staff and families.

Reasons to consider a small environment:

  • Smaller, cozy in design and appearance. It feels like home from the moment you drive up to the property, with private bedrooms for privacy and security.
  • More caregivers for each resident to provide individualized care. The caregivers can notice any change that needs attention and act on it right away.
  • The staff and families get to know each other in a personal way.
  • A registered nurse is available 24 hours a day.
  • Nutrition and hydration program is designed for those with memory loss.
  • A facility where Alzheimer’s and memory care is all they do – all the caregivers are specialists in the care they provide, from grooming and bathing to preparing meals and assisting with all personal care.

Please contact us to schedule a visit and see for yourselves the quality of our memory care facility. We promise we will make your loved one feel comfortable.

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