Singing and Dancing for Phyllis

September 13, 2013 developer Comments

AutumnGrove Cottage would like to welcome a new member to our family, Phyllis. Phyllis was hired as the new Blanco Cottage manager and our staff and residents gave her a welcoming party last week. We are all excited to have Phyllis as part of the AutumnGrove family and we wish her the best of luck in her adventure as the new Blanco Cottage manager. Our residents certainly enjoyed a good time at the welcoming party that included live music and tons of dancing! Many of the cottage family members came out to the party and joined in on all the fun. There were a million sweet moments of family members and staff singing and dancing with the residents. There was not one person in the cottage that day who didn’t have a smile on their face and joy in their heart!

Click on the picture to watch a video of the residents and staff. 

AutumnGrove Blanco

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