Pearland Cottage Manager in the Houston Chronicle

March 28, 2014 abigail Comments

Yesterday, AutumnGrove Cottage’s Pearland manager, Bisi, had an article published about her work in the Houston Chronicle. We are so thrilled that she was selected for the article and that the Pearland Cottage had a chance to share her spotlight. Here is the article.


Residents Come First on Care Manager’s List
by: Ty Arthur

A recent addition to the Texas state population, local resident Olabisi Lawal seeks to help those in the community with Alzheimer’s and other debilitating forms of dementia. Since August of 2013, she has been working with AutumnGrove Cottage, a residential facility that cares for the elderly community members and keeps them active. Lawal is currently employed as the manager of resident care for the organization’s Pearland location.

“Getting involved every day with my residents’ care and helping my staff as a team is my priority,” she said. “(I am) also marketing in the community to be better known because I am new in Texas. I am very proud of what I do and enjoy learning every day.” As the resident care manager, Lawal handles the administrative side of AutumnGrove, keeping the staff on track and handling all the paperwork to ensure everything runs smoothly and the patients are able to get the care they need. “My residents always come first,” she said. “My favorite part of working for AutumnGrove Cottage is taking care of my residents and those that love them, their families and friends, by actually getting involved and doing the work in which my caregivers can testify.”

In her role with the assisted living facility, Lawal works to ensure that not only are the elderly Alzheimer’s patients properly seen to, but that residents’ family members are also kept in the loop and supported while going through difficult times with their loved ones. “AutumnGrove Cottage in Pearland is very important to the community because, as the company logo reads, it’s all unique Alzheimer’s care, and I can see the spirit within the organization as they care for all of the residents and staff,” she said. “The company takes extra-special care of their caregivers because without them, there would be no AutumnGrove Cottage.”

When not working at AutumnGrove Cottage, Lawal enjoys spending time with her family: her daughters, her husband and their dog, Mindy. For more information about AutumnGrove Cottage in Pearland and Olabisi Lawal, call 281-220-0882 or visit

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