Our Heartbeat: World’s Greatest Dance Partner

May 20, 2013 abigail Comments

Alzheimer's careFriday night is dance night at the Copperfield Cottage. This fun activity is not only a favorite among the residents, but to one caregiver in particular as well. Linda is known around the cottage as the dancing queen. You can always catch her “bustin’ a move” with a resident or two to old time swing music. Swing and easy listening music are the residents’ favorite dance genres. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald are regular guests on the Copperfield Cottage radio. The residents rarely miss the opportunity to kick up their heels and twirl around the cottage with Linda to these old time favorites.

Linda not only has the gift of dance, but also the gift to spread joy. Such a simple act as dancing will lighten up any residents’ face and bring laughter to their hearts. I’m pretty sure Linda never stops dancing around the cottage. A little jig here and a little jig there, Linda always encourages everyone in the cottage to get up and dance. Some of the residents, such as Mr. Dan, will take the initiative and ask Linda to dance with him. I have heard he is the best at Copperfield Cottage, despite having Parkinson’s. Mr. Dan’s favorite music is smooth jazz and that is evident from the grin that spreads across his face when the music is turned on.

Dancing is such a simple act, yet brings some of the greatest joy to our residents. AutumnGrove is thankful for Linda’s love of dancing and without a doubt our residents are too. So turn up the radio to your favorite tune, put on your dancing shoes, grab a friend and dance like no one is watching!

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