Our Heartbeat: Pat the Party Queen

August 9, 2013 abigail Comments

AutumnGrove’s Katy Cottage has a manager who loves any excuse to throw a party. Pat the party queen is what she is known as and she never fails to put together something fun and festive for all. Pat’s passion for parties and joyous times is what makes the Katy Cottage atmosphere so cheerful. She sets the mood everyday when she walks in the door and her caregivers can’t help to stay positive and jubilant with the residents and their families.

Pat’s parties are always over the top and she throws one for just about every holiday and occasion that you can think of. Everything from birthday parties, to summer barbeques and even a tea party, the Katy Cottage is always an exciting place to visit. Pat also has a knack for making sure every family member shows up for each event. She works hard to build lasting relationships with the residents’ families because she truly cares for each one of them. Past families are known to visit the cottage often and some have even dedicated tokens of appreciation in memory of their loved ones who once lived at Katy Cottage.

Julie (L) and Pat (R)

Julie (L) and Pat (R)

Upon meeting Pat you will quickly understand why so many families visit and keep in contact with her. She lives to care for the residents and caregivers in her cottage. She knows every thing about everyone who walks through the cottage doors and she will make sure you know all of their stories when you visit. The first time I ever went to the Katy Cottage it took me 20 minutes just to get inside the doors because Pat could not stop raving about the Katy Cottage both inside and out. She is a woman who wants to better someone’s life by giving them a welcoming home with tender care and good company. Her passion is one that is only seen in AutumnGrove managers and that is shared by AutumnGrove caregivers. AutumnGrove is blessed to have Pat as part of our family. A woman who genuinely cares for the well being of others and who loves to spread joy through one of her famous parties, she is one of a kind. Thank you Pat for showing so much love and dedication to your residents, caregivers, and family members. Maybe we should take some pointers from you and throw a party in your honor!

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