Our Heartbeat: Kind Kristen

September 27, 2013 abigail Comments

Over the past couple of years AutumnGrove Cottage Copperfield in the CyFair area has been blessed with a manager who is unbelievably kind and loving. Kristen is the kind of person who puts her whole heart into her work, and for the Copperfield Cottage residents that means the world to them. Kristen shows a sweetness and compassion for the Copperfield residents that is only found among AutumnGrove managers. She has a passion for helping seniors with Alzheimer’s and knows that she can make a difference in their lives. Kristen and her caregivers go the extra mile to ensure the Copperfield residents have the best possible care and the loveliest cottage. Last Easter, Kristen and her caregivers recreated Easter Sunday as the residents remembered from their childhoods. The caregivers made each resident’s favorite dish and helped dress them in their Sunday’s best. Kristen hid Easter eggs throughout the cottage and garden and even had the local Easter bunny stop by for a visit. She took every detail the residents remembered from their pasts and recreated them for an unforgettable Easter Sunday.

DSC_0787In addition to making special memories for the Copperfield residents and family members, Kristen also makes each day special for her caregivers. Kristen and her caregivers have a special friendship with a common goal of honoring the lives of their residents. They work together to ensure every moment is showered with love and tender care for the residents. Kristen helps lead her caregivers through all situations with poise and grace. Together, this team at Copperfield Cottage is one of a kind; a kind who knows what they do makes a difference.

AutumnGrove is thankful for Kristen and all of her hard work and dedication in caring for those who battle Alzheimer’s. We know that the residents at Copperfield Cottage are in the best hands and have the kindest woman who watches over them everyday. Thank you Kristen and Copperfield caregivers for honoring our residents and those who love and care for them!

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