Our Heartbeat: Joyful Julie

March 1, 2013 abigail Comments

Our Heartbeat: Joyful Julie – The Woodlands Cottage Manager

To run a cottage you need a leader who is kind, dedicated, determined, loving and compassionate. Our Woodlands cottage manager is just that. Julie is someone who will take anyone under her wing and care for and love him or her like a member of her family. She is proud and protective of her residents, caregivers, and family members in her cottage. She loves each one like they are her own.

Julie2Along with being the mother hen of The Woodlands cottage, Julie is one of the world’s best storytellers. After spending a few short hours with her you will hear 40 different stories about her residents or caregivers. 90% of those stories will have you rolling on the floor in her office laughing until your stomach hurts. The other 10% will leave you teary eyed and a heart full of love for someone you have never met. She will tell you the best qualities about everyone in her cottage. She truly has a gift for praising her residents, caregivers, and family members. Julie’s upbeat energy is so contagious that you can’t help but to feel happy when you are around her.

Julie’s other amazing talent is arts and crafts. Always decorating her cottage for holidays, birthdays, and other big events, Julie never fails at being creative. She constantly comes up with new activities for the residents to participate in. From flower arranging to painting, The Woodlands residents never lack for an arts and crafts project.


No matter how crafty she is or how many stories she tells, Julie’s true love is taking care of her residents. Proud is the best word to describe how she talks about the wonderful people that live in The Woodlands Cottage. She takes the time to learn every detail about her residents and their family members. Many family members come to visit the cottage on a daily basis and are happy to call it their second home. Some members visit so regularly that when they don’t show up Julie and the rest of her staff call to check on them.

You will always feel loved and welcome at The Woodlands Cottage. Regardless of who you are or what your story is, Julie will be your best friend and will make you a part of her wonderful family.

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