Our Heartbeat: Everyone Deserves to Be Pampered

May 1, 2013 abigail Comments

The Beauty Shop is often a favorite activity for our residents. Many have spent years attending regularly scheduled appointments to get their hair cut or styled and nails manicured. Their life at AutumnGrove Cottage is no different with the exception of location. Because a change in setting and traveling can be difficult and confusing for our residents, we have a visiting beautician that comes to them each week. Our beauticians not only take great pride in making our residents feel gorgeous and glorious, but also go above and beyond engaging the residents in conversation or simply talking to them if our residents are unable to respond. The residents, especially the women, love beauty shop day! For some it is their most important topic of conversation as the occasion nears. They will ask you to let them know when the beautician is coming because they want to be first to get pampered.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaking salon day a success for our residents and allowing them to maximize their time being pampered requires a helping hand from the caregivers to assist in the logistics. With this time being so precious for our residents, it is no wonder that our caregivers work hard to make the most of the experience. At the Humble Cottage one caregiver in particular went above and beyond to help Brenda, the visiting beautician.

Hiawatha, a Humble Cottage caregiver, went the extra mile in helping the residents get pampered. She planned everything out the morning that Brenda arrived at the cottage. Hiawatha got the residents all excited when she told them that the beautician was arriving that morning. Many of the women asked to be first visitor to the Beauty Shop. Hiawatha took the requests from the residents, made note of what each one wanted done and passed along those wishes to Brenda. It may sound like a simple task, but providing this information to the beautician, either because the resident asked for it or because the caregiver knew the resident so well that their inability to verbalize it was not a stumbling block, allows the beautician to engage with resident when they come into the salon much like you would at your favorite salon. As Brenda attended to the residents, Hiawatha made sure that the next person was ready to go so that Brenda could maximize her time spent with each resident and still meet the needs of all residents that day. Brenda was in complete awe of how Hiawatha planned the whole day and how excited all of the residents were to visit the Beauty Shop. Caring for our residents with the same level of detail that they would care for themselves before stricken by Alzheimer’s is one small way we are able to honor them for who they were before, as well as who they are today.


AutumnGrove Cottage is so thankful for caregivers like Hiawatha who voluntarily step up to any challenge and rise far beyond it. We know our residents enjoy being pampered by the beautician and we want nothing more than to make those moments unforgettable.

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