Our Heartbeat: Caregivers and Best Friends

August 30, 2013 abigail Comments

“One person caring about another represents life’s
greatest value.” ~Jim Rohn

AutumnGrove takes a lot of pride in our caregivers at each of our eight cottages. Our caregivers are unique in not only what they do, but how much passion and dedication they show on a daily basis when it comes to caring for our residents. They have the hearts of champions and a love for the residents like no other.

At AutumnGrove, our caregivers are known as “universal caregivers” for a variety of reasons. First off, they are responsible for providing total care of the residents. Each caregiver is accountable for bathing and grooming the residents, conducting activities such as games, exercises, and crafts, and preparing and assisting with meals. With all of the jobs divided equally between them, there is never an attitude of “that is not my job” at the AutumnGrove Cottages. Since each cottage is home to only 16 residents, the staff-to-resident ratio is two times higher than the industry average. This is noticeable in how our caregivers get to know our residents’ personalities and preferences on a level that best friends would know each other.

Resident and Caregivers

Our residents and caregivers develop loving friendships that boast the title of best friends. Everyday the best of friends get to spend quality, caring, and heart-felt time together. The caregivers make sure that all of our residents feel as if they are at home with their own families. Even though it is in their job description to care for the residents, they do it in a way that only a spouse, parent or grandparent would do for their loved one. These caregivers take the time to get to know each resident on a personal level. Over time they learn the residents’ favorite meals, favorite music, and favorite activity. The caregivers take the time to understand these aspects because they have the want to better the lives of the residents. There are countless stories of AutumnGrove’s caregivers going the extra mile to make sure each resident is happy. From bringing a horse to a cottage to taking them “shopping”, these stories are sure to make your heart melt.

Janice, Laverne and Twyla

Our residents are blessed to have people who put their hearts and souls into making their lives more meaningful as they battle Alzheimer’s and dementia. With so much day-to-day change with the disease, our caregivers do a remarkable job at adapting to the residents’ moods and preferences. Throughout everything they do, the caregivers honor the residents’ dignity and individuality and never think anything less of them than their best friend. AutumnGrove is proud to call this amazing group of people our family and we know our residents adore them in every way possible.

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