Our Heartbeat: Becky – AutumnGrove Cottage Social Worker

March 20, 2013 abigail Comments

In honor of Social Worker month I would like to take the time to brag on someone very near and dear to the AutumnGrove Cottage family, our social worker Becky Carmichael.

 What is a social worker? Social workers advance the social conditions of a community, and especially of the disadvantaged, by providing psychological counseling, guidance, and assistance. Many senior living facilities have social workers on staff to help both seniors and their families understand and connect with resources available and help them deal with difficult issues or situations through guidance and counseling. Social workers are particularly important when families are facing Alzheimer’s due to the complexities and nature of the disease. This is the area of work where Becky shines. She is the true definition of a social worker and so much more.


Christina, Paula, Becky & Sheri

Becky has a calling for helping those in need. I have never seen any one-person work with such determination and compassion like Becky does. She always makes herself available to anyone in need of an advocate whether it is a family member, resident, employee, co-worker or someone she just met; Becky never fails to lend a helping hand. Along with being the social worker for AutumnGrove, she is also an Area Care Manager. As an Area Care Manager, her job is to support the managers of the cottages in any way she can. That could mean filling in for them while they are on vacation, running errands for them, helping with the move in of a new resident, preparing for state surveys or even going grocery shopping for the cottage. No matter what Becky’s job title or description is, she throws herself into her work with a spirit that is unmatched. She is affectionately known as the “energizer bunny” because she’s always on the go. But along with her relentless pace she is also a thoughtful, creative, caring, dedicated, tireless and faithful woman. With her “can-do” attitude, she has never faced a challenge that she cannot overcome.

Another amazing quality about Becky is her ability to see the good in every situation. It doesn’t matter if she is having the worst day of her life, she will find and focus on what is going right. She always has a smile on her face and a positive outlook on life. This is a rare quality that is one of the most important in a social worker. Because Becky deals with sorrow and loss on a regular basis, it is her ability to use her positive energy to help a family get through a difficult situation with their loved one that makes her gifted at her job. For a family who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s, making decisions regarding their care during the stages of the disease can be strenuous. Becky is there for the family to make those decisions as easy as possible. She educates the family on the many affects of the disease and she is an advocate for the person who has Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s and dementia population is particularly vulnerable in that they often are unable to comprehend or communicate their desires. Becky’s job is to be a megaphone for them to ensure that their best interests are observed.


Becky walking with two residents.

She is also a support system for our caregivers. The caregivers become emotionally attached to the residents and consider them part of their family. They too grieve as the disease progresses in the residents. Becky is there to support the caregivers and provide them with a bounty of encouragement. 

AutumnGrove Cottage is truly blessed to have Becky as part of our family. She takes her job very seriously and has an undying passion for helping in any way she can.  She does the quality and quantity of work of at least four people and just watching her can make you tired. It is her love for seniors that drives her to work countless hours and to do it with such and pride and joy. Everyone at AutumnGrove wants to thank Becky for her dedication to our residents and their families. We are honored to have such an amazing person in our family and we commend her for everything she does!

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