Our Heartbeat: AutumnGrove Cottage Prayer

April 1, 2013 developer Comments

For those who are walking the path of Alzheimer’s and dementia, whether you are a patient, family member, caregiver, spouse, or friend, you know the battles that come with the disease. You come to understand how precious the little things in life are and how much it means to you to have someone make you a home cooked meal. You come to appreciate the memories made and the memories lost. You grow closer to one another and hope that despite the disease, your loved one will always remember their family. Throughout the journey, it is important to reflect on the positive and know that tough times will pass and better ones are soon to come. This prayer is to help you stop and reflect on those joyful moments. It is to help you gain a little understanding that the person you knew is not lost forever. It is to help remind you that you are not alone in this challenging journey, there is always someone there to lean on.

When this life as I know it
Has slipped from my mind,
I would pray those who knew me
Would be so kind…

 To remember
Those days long ago past
To a new days beginning
God’s purpose to last.

 You may not know me
As I used to be,
But I’m assured I’ll be
Treated with dignity.

 Thank you for loving me
All through the years,
And thank you now
For soothing my fears,

 What more could I ask for,
What more could I say?
That you keep those in prayer
Who are with me each day.

By Jackie Barrett

Jackie Barrett, author of this poem is the mother-in-law of AutumnGrove co-founder, Randy Vanstory.  Before even seeing the first cottage, she was moved by the purpose and vision of AutumnGrove and the tremendous need of such a vulnerable population.  It was that inspiration that led to this prayer, now hung at every AutumnGrove Cottage to help remind our staff, caregivers, family members and guests that honoring our residents is the most important and meaningful act we can bestow upon them. It is our daily reminder of how we can help make their lives honorable and memorable. We hope that this prayer gives you and your family some hope when traveling down the path of Alzheimer’s.

Today we also want to honor Mrs. Jackie has she battles cancer with the same grace and strength evidenced in her words of this prayer. It has been a prayer that has impacted numerous lives and today we return the favor by lifting her and her family up in our prayers.

Baylor Bowl Game 2010

Jackie Barrett (in the middle) and her family.

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