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June 5, 2013 developer Comments

Health and fitness are an important part in every person’s life, but did you know that exercising the brain is just as important? Training the brain not only keeps it healthy, but also improves a person’s memory, ability to focus and overall cognitive processes. Studies have shown that it is beneficial for people with a family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia to begin brain training early in life to help prevent these diseases. Brain training games are easy and fun to play for an hour or so a day. Some common games that are easy to include in day-to-day life are puzzles, riddles, crosswords and even memory match card games. These games and many more like them, stimulate parts of the brain that involve problem solving, memory retention and cognitive ability. There are many companies that offer simple computer games and smart phone apps to help keep your brain active. lumosityOne popular company, Lumosity, has a wide variety of games and it keeps track of your progress so you can see your brain “strength” change over time. Lumosity also has a Personalized Training Program that is created to fit your brain training needs and your life goals. All the games from this company are based on the science of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to strengthen and grow.

Playing brain games is not only important for people to help prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia, but it is also imperative for people who currently have Alzheimer’s or dementia. AutumnGrove Cottage incorporates brain games in the daily activities for our residents. We believe that exercising our residents’ brains are just as important as the other exercises we do with them. Every day our residents play simple games to stimulate their cognitive processes. Some of more popular games they play are Bingo, Qwirkle and making puzzles. These games can be played with a whole group of our residents or one on one between a resident and caregiver. AutumnGrove Cottage managers create brain training programs for each resident so that the games fit that resident’s needs and abilities.

Cottage Manager

Cottage Manager

At AutumnGrove Cottage we do everything in our power to help our residents have the best quality of life with Alzheimer’s. Stimulating their brains with simple games is just one way we can help them cope with this disease. We strive to spread the word on Alzheimer’s Awareness and valuable hints to keep everyone’s brain healthy and active. Start training your brain today or stop by one of our cottages and train your brain along with our residents.

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