Our Difference: The Joy of Being Little

February 18, 2013 developer Comments

Our Difference: The Joy of Being Little

AutumnGrove Cottage is to the assisted living industry what a bed and breakfast is to the hotel industry. At a bed and breakfast the owners and their pets greet you and invite you to be a part of their home during your stay. While hotels can be full of grandeur and beauty with many amenities, they do not offer the quaint comfort or warm atmosphere of a home. AutumnGrove Cottage was designed with the attributes of a bed and breakfast in mind.


A place for our residents to call home and to make their families feel at ease about their loved ones’ care. With peaceful backyards, big fluffy couches, and kitchens that smell of home cooked meals, we worked hard on creating a place where residents feel comfortable.

Only 16 residents live in each cottage. Being small in size has many benefits for both the staff and residents. Our simple floor plan has a continuous walking path centered around a great room. This allows for safe wandering and reduced confusion for the residents. The great room is a wonderful combination of a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Our kitchen opens up to the great room and allows the caregivers and managers to see and assist residents while cooking meals. Many of our residents like to help out in the kitchen with preparing meals or baking tasty treats. Another benefit of an open kitchen is the smell of food being cooked which stimulates the residents’ appetites.

Many of our residents enjoy spending time outside rocking on the covered patio or walking through the backyards with beautiful gardens and admiring a variety of wildlife. Residents are always welcome and encouraged to go outside in the gated garden. This allows them a sense of freedom and a chance to keep up with their green thumbs.

Being small also has the advantage of building deeper relationships between our staff and the family members. With the same caregivers during each shift, our family members have the chance to bond and develop friendships. They grow to support one another with words of encouragement and share small tokens of appreciation. Consistency in caregivers also helps with the comfort of the residents to feel more relaxed and at home.


AutumnGrove has 7 assisted living cottages in the Greater Houston Area and 1 in San Antonio with more on the way. All are small and specialized providing unique Alzheimer’s and dementia care. While each one is slightly different in appearance we have transferred that feeling of comfort and warmth among all of them.

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