Our Difference: Specialized Alzheimer’s Care

February 8, 2013 abigail Comments

Alzheimer’s and dementia care is not SOMETHING we do at AutumnGrove Cottage – it’s ALL we do. Our ENTIRE business is dedicated to helping those with memory loss.

Our uniqueness starts with our sole service of providing care to Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. We dig deeper into learning who our residents are and what makes them tick allowing us to cater to each one’s individual needs. We provide around the clock care through our “universal caregivers” and cottage managers. They are the backbone and heartbeat of the company and love helping our residents live full, meaningful lives. Our caregivers are unique because they are responsible for providing total care of the residents, hence the name “universal caregiver”. Because they are responsible for bathing and grooming residents, conducting activities such as games, exercises, and crafts, and preparing and assisting with meals there is never a situation in which a resident has a need that a staff member would respond with “that is not my job”. With a staff-to-resident ratio two times higher than the industry average, our caregivers truly get to know each resident’s personality and preferences thus providing more personalized care.

Our cottage managers are some of the most hardworking and kindhearted people. Their job is to make sure that each resident is properly taken care of and that each resident’s family stays up-to-date on their loved one. The managers go above and beyond making sure that each family fee

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ls like a part of the AutumnGrove family. For example, we encourage spouses to spend as much time as they would like at the cottage to be with their life long partners and we are always ready to set another place at the table for a family member during meals. Together, caregivers and managers form deep relationships with our residents and their family members.

Specializing in memory loss care for only 16 residents, we have the ability and capacity to learn the behaviors and habits (needs) of each resident. Not only do we know how each person likes their coffee, their favorite songs, their hobbies and the names of their spouses, children and grand children, more importantly caregivers know our residents on an even deeper level. They know each resident’s smile, quirky personality, and typical responses to stimulus allowing them to detect discomfort, frustration, hunger or sadness without words. This is critical when our residents are no longer able to communicate with their words. Learning everything about each resident helps our staff to provide him or her with truly specialized care.

Our purpose is to honor and respect our residents and help them keep their dignity and individuality. Depending on their type of memory loss, needs, habits, and behaviors we create a plan to help them feel comfortable and important. Our heart is devoted to helping our residents and their families through these troubling times providing a safe and loving environment. At AutumnGrove Cottage, we put the resident and their family first. We strive to uphold our purpose statement and make it our daily reminder of who we are and what we provide.

 “Our purpose is to honor our residents and those who love and care for them.”
~AutumnGrove Cottage

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