Our Difference: AutumnGrove Cottage’s Core Values

March 27, 2013 developer Comments

When building a house the foundation is the most important part. Without a strong foundation a house cannot remain stable over any length of time. This is also true for AutumnGrove Cottage. Without a firm foundation, or core values as we like to call them, our company would not able to provide high quality Alzheimer’s and dementia care.Our two founders of AutumnGrove, Bob Fuller and Randy Vanstory, created four core values to be the heart and soul of the company.

Becky Wright

People First – Tasks Second: First and foremost we strive to provide the best possible Alzheimer’s care for our residents and their families. From the moment anyone walks into our door, we make sure to tend to him or her in any way we can. The filing, folding, and dusting can wait until later in the day when needs of the people are fulfilled.

Staying Connected: Like in any good relationship, communication is key. Without constant conversation between staff members, family members and doctors, nobody would be on the same page about the care of our residents. At AutumnGrove, we try to go above and beyond keeping everyone in the know. Our cottage managers talk to the doctors, nurses and most importantly the family members often. The managers and caregivers visit at each shift change to discuss the day-to-day care for the residents.


Visitor Ready: We are a 24 hour cottage and do not have visiting hours therefore we do not have the luxury of announced visits allowing us to “throw everything in a closet” two seconds before a guest walks in. It means we take pride everyday in keeping our cottages clean, fresh, tidy, and homey. We take the time to make sure the cottages look and feel like a house. They are the homes of our residents and we want them to live in a place that is warm and comfortable.

Mission Includes Margin: AutumnGrove not only needs money to operate, but to provide our services to additional families and residents throughout growth. To provide Alzheimer’s care we need buildings, staff, and resources all, which require capital, time and effort.

Our core values provide the basis for which all decisions are made. They help shape us to be a company who is kind, compassionate, and dedicated. We strive to offer the greatest Alzheimer’s care in the industry by always honoring our residents and those who love and care for them.

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