Our Cottages: The Woodlands

February 22, 2013 developer Comments

Before I write about the Woodlands cottage I wanted to fill everyone in on the “Our Cottage” series. AutumnGrove has 7 wonderful cottage locations in the Greater Houston Area, 1 in San Antonio and another on the way. Throughout the next couple months I will be spotlighting the cottages so everyone can get to know us better. Our cottages all provide the same service and have similar plans, but I am going to write about what makes each one special in its own way. I hope you enjoy!

Our Cottages: The Woodlands

Our Woodlands cottage is tucked away in a beautiful nature area, but conveniently located 5 minutes from anything you could ever need. It is surrounded by wildlife such as rabbits, deer, and a variety of birds. It looks like a little cottage from a fairy tale story because of it’s surroundings. Now The Woodlands cottage has more to offer than just the surrounding nature. Deep inside the cottage is a combination of friendship and love like no other. With a manager who has a million dollar smile and caregivers with hearts of gold, our Woodlands cottage is one of a kind.


Julie, the manager of this cottage, is what you call one crafty person. She and the residents are always making some kind of fun arts and crafts to hang around the cottage’s great room. I was in there the other day and she was hanging little Valentine’s hearts that had the names of each resident and caregiver in her cottage. She was telling me of all the fun projects she has brewing in her mind to make her cottage a real life Pinterest board. I could barely contain myself from jumping right in and helping her start all of her projects that minute! She has one of the bubbliest personalities of anyone I have ever met. From her animated stories to her hilarious jokes, she will always keep you smiling and laughing. Her positive attitude is contagious among her caregivers. These wonderful ladies have grown to love the residents as they do their own families. The caregivers go above and beyond in caring for the residents. They sing with them, dance with them, walk in the garden and share stories all the time.

The Woodlands cottage is filled with laughter and kindness. It is truly unique in its own little way and this is what makes each of our cottages special. The managers, caregivers and residents are the core components for each cottage. Without them we would just have a bunch of empty buildings.

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