Our Cottages: The Heights

May 29, 2013 abigail Comments

Nestled amongst Victorian style homes, The Heights Cottage is AutumnGrove’s most eye catching cottage in the Greater Houston Area. When AutumnGrove decided to build in The Heights area, we wanted be part of the neighborhood by matching the look and feel like the houses surrounding it. So to fit in with the old Victorian feel, our Heights Cottage boasts an elevated slab and a gabled roof dawned with roof finials and cresting to help create a taller more slender building, with large windows, wall shingles and porches accented with decorative gingerbread trim.

DSC_0223Even with its grand exterior the atmosphere inside the cottage is what is worth boasting about. The manager, Christina, and her caregivers have created adoring relationships with all the residents. Not only have the caregivers befriended the residents, but the residents have become best of friends amongst themselves. The Heights Cottage residents are quite the active group. They all love to dance around the cottage, play brain games and enjoy afternoon strolls in the garden. Christina is just as active as her residents, bustling about the cottage with a large cup of coffee in her hands; it is rare to ever see her sitting down. The Heights Cottage caregivers are the most kind hearted and compassionate group of people. They can be seen chatting with the residents as if they were all long lost friends. Everyone in The Heights Cottage are close friends and they make sure to look after each other all the time. The residents keep tabs on Christina and her caregivers as if they were part of their own families.

The Heights Cottage is always full of friends, family, loved ones and lots of joy. You can stop by a take a walk in the garden with the residents or enjoy a cup of coffee with Christina. No matter who you are or where you come from, you are always welcome in the cottage where everyone is your best friend.

Flag Garden

Flag Garden

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