Our Cottages: Pearland

March 18, 2013 abigail Comments

Located in south Houston, our Pearland Cottage offers a beautiful setting of pastureland and a lake. The backyard is open to allow our residents to view the wonderful scenery everyday. Inside the cottage you will find a view even more beautiful than the nature surrounding it. With residents, caregivers and family members always full of laughter and sweet words of encouragement, our Pearland Cottage truly has a joyous environment.

Pearland Cottage has a special guest that comes in a couple of times a week. Violet is the manager’s pug. You can catch her snoozing in the office or strolling around the backyard along with the residents. She is a little sassy, but full of love for the people in “her” home. Violet is just one of the many wonderful personalities at the cottage. The manager, Paula, never meets a stranger. Every resident, caregiver and family member in the cottage is her best friend. Upon walking into the cottage you are greeted by Paula as if she hasn’t seen you in years. Embracing you in a giant hug, she makes you feel loved and welcome. Paula can be seen bouncing around to residents, caregivers and family members asking them how they are and making sure each one has a smile on their face.

The caregivers are quite the cheery bunch. You can hear their laughter throughout the cottage. They chat with the residents as if they have been life long friends and confidants. Pearland Cottage is home to our oldest resident, Mattie Hilliard, who 102 years old! She is quite the fiery little lady. Always smiling and waving at everyone in the cottage, Mattie adds tons of positive energy in the cottage. Full of fun, loving people, the Pearland Cottage is a place that anyone will feel at home. Nobody is a stranger and Paula and her caregivers will make sure of that.

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