Our Cottages: Humble

August 16, 2013 abigail Comments

Located on the northeast side of Houston, AutumnGrove’s Humble Cottage shows love and kindness to all members of the cottage family. The Humble Cottage has a staff that goes above and beyond for their residents and family members. The manager, Lisa, has the heart and drive to give her residents the best care and companionship. She is a strong leader for her caregivers and guides them in how to provide a loving atmosphere for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

The Humble Cottage, like all other AutumnGrove Cottages, has an active group of family members who come to visit. Everyday you can spot a handful of daughters, sons, spouses and grandchildren spending time with their loved ones. The family members have become so involved at cottage that one family in particular puts together a Mardi Gras party for the staff and residents. The staff and families work as one to create a sense of warmth and comfort for the residents in their home away from home. From holiday parties to fun activities, this group of residents never lacks for a good time. Lisa strives to make every day full of happiness and laughter for everyone in the cottage. This group of people shows the true meaning of family. They always lend a helping hand and will always be a shoulder for you to lean on. The Humble Cottage is a great example of what is means to be an AutumnGrove Cottage. Full of love, laughter, and a strong family bond, this cottage is a great addition to the Humble area and hopes to help the community in every way they can.


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