Our Cottages: Champions

May 3, 2013 developer Comments

The Champions Cottage is nestled at the front of a lovely neighborhood in Spring, Texas. This cottage takes on the appearance of a cozy home and that feeling transfers on both the inside and outside. Champions Cottage has a quaint backyard complete with a fountain, vegetable garden and bird feeders. The caregivers tend to the vegetable garden and all of the produce is used in the daily meals. With a variety of birds and the soothing sound of the water fountain, many of the residents enjoy the afternoons on the back porch.Championsbackyard_zps93b19913

The true joy of the Champions Cottage is inside with the manager, Marilynn, the caregivers and residents. Upon entering the cottage you feel that you have been transported into a picture from Better Homes and Garden magazine. Marilynn is known in the AutumnGrove family as the head interior designer and that skill is very noticeable in her cottage. Every aspect of the cottage is decorated with such a loving yet detailed eye that you can’t help but feel welcomed. Marilynn’s true designer talent comes out during the holiday seasons. Between witches, pumpkins, snowmen, Santa and American flags, you always know what holiday is approaching.

ChampionsMarilynn instills her love of decorating plus much more in her caregivers as shown by the love they pour out for the residents. This cottage, like our others, is truly its own little family. Many family members visit daily and enjoy chatting with the caregivers and checking up on Marilynn. Marilynn and the caregivers spoil the residents of the Champions Cottage. In true designer fashion, Marilynn makes sure that each resident and caregiver has a little something special for their birthdays and on holidays. This cottage overflows with love, friendship and family everyday and no matter who you are you will be welcomed with caring arms. If you are in the Spring area during a holiday, stop by and see the abundance of decorations and tender loving care, two things that make every special day unforgettable.

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