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April 3, 2013 abigail Comments

AutumnGrove Cottage Blanco is our first cottage in San Antonio. Located north of the city, the Blanco Cottage stands grand in stature and is our most noticed location of all the cottages. When building the Blanco Cottage we decided to take a different approach on where we placed the cottage. Unlike our other locations, Blanco stands just off a high traffic area in northern San Antonio where many people can see the impressive eight-foot stone sign that boasts the name AutumnGrove Cottage. This cottage not only is grand in nature on the outside, but on the inside as well. Our residents, caregivers and manager have become a close family in just the short six months the cottage has been open.

Leading this little family is our manager Ronda. Ronda is the sweetest, most kind-hearted and loving person that you will ever meet. She brings such a peaceful joy to the cottage that is evident in each resident and caregiver. You can catch Ronda all over the cottage doing activities, helping out in the kitchen or sitting on the porch with the residents watching the deer. Blanco is lucky in that the cottage receives special visitors a couple of times a week. From the back porch, residents are able to enjoy the sight of a small family of deer that come out of the woods up to the back fence.

Gigi and Rhonda

Ronda and Gigi

Blanco Cottage is home to a group of women who believe that they run the show. The majority of the residents at Blanco happen to be women and many believe that the cottage is their personal home and that the other residents are their guests. One resident in particular, Dottie, often asks when everyone is going to go home because she is tired of having to entertain them. Many of the residents enjoy strolling in the garden, watering the plants, or just relaxing on the porch. In just the short time that Blanco has been open, our residents, their families, and our staff have grown to call this cottage home. AutumnGrove is excited to provide its wonderful residents with the love and care that they need. We are blessed to expand to the San Antonio area and we are currently building another cottage in the Stone Oak neighborhood with a planned opening in late 2013.  We would love to have you as our guest if you are in the neighborhood! No notice necessary, just stop on by.

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