New Woodlands Cottage Manager

December 16, 2013 developer Comments

AutumnGrove Cottage in The Woodlands has a new cottage manager! Though she is new to the position, she is a well known face around the cottage. Twyla began working for The Woodlands Cottage shortly after its doors opened 6 years ago. She has worked as a caregiver in the cottage and over the years has become a wonderful member to the The Woodlands Cottage team. This month, the current manager, Julie, was promoted to Cottage Support Manager and her position needed to be filled. Julie, along with other members of the AutumnGrove staff came together to talk about the best candidate for The Woodlands Cottage manager. One name kept coming up in conversation, Twyla. Everyone knew how much of an asset Twyla has been to The Woodlands Cottage over the years and they all believed she was the perfect person to fill the position. Twyla has shown a type of dedication and compassion for caring for those with Alzheimer’s that is hard to find. She loves and cares for each resident as if they were a member of her family. She thinks outside the box when working with the residents to ensure that each day is special to them. Her heart and soul are poured into her work every minute of every day. Twyla not only is amazing at her job, but is also a great friend. Twyla and her fellow caregivers have all become good friends over the years and they are all excited to continue to work with her.

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L to R: Twyla, Julie, Laverne, Janice

Another group of people who love Twyla and are supportive of her new position are the residents’ families. Upon learning that Julie was leaving the manager position at The Woodlands, many family members were sad and concerned. A handful of those families have been at The Woodlands for many years and Julie has always been the manager. When Julie told all the families that Twyla would be taking over as manager, they all were very excited! They all adore Twyla and are happy that a familiar face will be the new manager.

AutumnGrove is thrilled about Twyla’s new position at The Woodlands Cottage. We already know how wonderful she is at her job and we are excited to see her grow as manager. Twyla, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication as a caregiver! You were the absolute best candidate for the manager position and we know you will be a great leader for The Woodlands Cottage in providing loving care to the residents. Congrats and enjoy your new journey!!

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