National Caregiver Month

November 15, 2013 abigail Comments

In honor of National Caregiver Month, I wanted to tell everyone about the people who daily provide selfless service to our residents at AutumnGrove Cottage, our caregivers. At AutumnGrove, we have “universal” caregivers. How are they different from other assisted living caregivers? Well, our caregivers are all responsible for the exact same duties in the cottages. Throughout the day each caregiver will have a hand in cooking, cleaning, doing activities with residents and helping the residents with daily living tasks. Our caregivers all carry the same responsibility to help eliminate the “that’s not my job” attitude. Our group of caregivers go above and beyond for our residents. They treat the residents as members of their own family and honor them as the wonderful people that they are. AutumnGrove is blessed to have such an amazing group of people bettering the lives of our residents who battle Alzheimer’s. We thank them for the hours of service and love they give to our residents and their families. So if you see a caregiver today, give them a hug and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work.

AutumnGrove Cottage Caregivers

Resident and Caregivers







Janice, Laverne and Twyla

Julie and Jim

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