More Artistic Talent at The Heights Cottage

July 25, 2014 developer Comments

The Heights Cottage residents were back at it again this week with their summer art projects. This time, many of them painted pictures of natural landscapes, from flowers to lakes with fish and even a house or two, the residents embraced the beauty of the outdoors on their painting canvases. It was really amazing to watch the residents transform while painting, many of them talked about how beautiful the paint colors were or how much fun the project was. One lady in particular exclaimed, “I want to paint everyday! I like it!” She wasn’t the only one who felt this way, everyone was smiling and enjoying their painting time, one man even sang almost the whole time he painted. It was so incredible to see how something as simple as painting a picture completely capture the residents’ hearts and bring smiles to their faces.

Not only did the residents have fun, but the caregivers were able to join in too. Some of the caregivers assisted the residents and together created a masterpiece. I even got to paint a little myself, in between snapping photos and asking the residents about their artwork. For me, hearing them describe their pictures was pretty amazing. Here are a few of the stories I got to hear yesterday: One lady painted a house because she loved houses and how they made her feel. One man painted a lake with a fish jumping out of it. He said he loved lakes and wanted to make a lake where the fish would never get caught. Another resident painted a car along with one of the caregivers, she said that she and the caregiver were taking a trip in the car together. Some of the women painted flowers because they thought all flowers were beautiful and wanted to share them with everyone.

I loved each explanation and captured their paintings in these photos. Enjoy them and check back next week to see what amazing artwork the residents paint next!






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