Moments of Joy: Mary Sunshine

June 10, 2013 abigail Comments

About four years ago The Woodlands Cottage was graced with the presence of a kind hearted, NASCAR loving, poised southern woman named Mary. Mary was one of those women who always had it together. From her perfectly coordinated outfit to her impeccable vocabulary with a southern drawl, Mary was the true definition of a southern belle.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Mary spent her life living and raising a family in the south. When she came to The Woodlands Cottage, Julie, the manager, knew she had a special woman living in her cottage. After no time at all, Mary began to fit right in with the other residents and staff at the cottage. She could always be heard saying the sweetest thing to any one who walked through the front door. Mary made friends with everyone! You rarely caught Mary sitting down, she was always on the go and always ready to lend a helping hand. Mary’s favorite place to volunteer was in the kitchen, especially when any tasty cakes or cookies were being made. The caregivers loved having Mary in the kitchen and they became best friends by sharing the left over cake batter together.

Being a true southern woman, Mary always presented herself with poise and class. She had the most stylish outfits and made sure she fixed her hair and put on her pearls everyday.  Mary became know around the cottage as Mary Sunshine due to her sweet personality and million dollar smile, she was sure to brighten anyone’s day.

DSC_0226When Mary’s health began to decline and she needed more and more assistance, Julie and the cottage staff continued to carry out the things that were important to Mary, making sure she was perfectly dressed with her hair done just so. During the last couple of days of Mary’s life, she continued to show grace, kindness, poise and class of a southern woman. Julie notified Mary’s children that their mother was near her end and they needed to come to the cottage to be with her. The daughter, who lived close to The Woodlands, came quickly, while the son had to fly in from Las Vegas. Mary must have known that her son was on his way because she held on till he arrived and got to see her before passing away. She passed away peacefully and beautifully, just as everyone knew her.

Julie and her staff were deeply saddened by the loss of their sunshine. She was a woman who touched many lives and brightened many souls. To always remember Mary’s sunny spirit, Julie painted Mary’s old room the perfect shade of sunshine yellow. That way Mary was always with the staff at the cottage, lightening up their day for years to come.

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