Moments of Joy: A Lady’s Love for a Horse

March 6, 2013 abigail Comments

Moments of Joy: A Lady’s Love for a Horse

We had a resident at our Champions Cottage about a year ago named Gary. Gary was a lovely woman with a passion for horses. She always had horses growing up on a farm in Ft. Worth, Texas. Everyday while Gary lived at the Champions Cottage, she would talk about her horses and believed that they lived on the other side of the fence behind the cottage.

Gary missed her horses while living at the cottage and hoped that one day she would see them again. Her simple wish came true. Gary had taken a turn for the worse and one of the caregivers, Liz, wanted to make Gary’s final days joyous. After working her shift one afternoon, Liz went home and picked up her horse. She brought the horse back to the cottage and put it in the backyard for Gary to see. Gary was elated! The caregivers wheeled Gary out in the backyard to pet the horse. She stayed in the backyard for hours petting and talking to the horse. Gary was very happy that “her” horse had come to see her that afternoon.


This was such a sweet, memorable moment for the staff at Champions Cottage. Gary passed away the next morning after spending her last moments with her beloved horse. Liz was honored to have given Gary the most joyful closure to her precious life. The Champions Cottage will never forget Gary and her deep love for horses. They will always remember that little moment of joy of giving Gary time with her favorite animal.

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