Moments of Joy: The Heart of a Veteran

March 8, 2013 developer Comments

The Heights Cottage Veterans Day Flagpole Dedication Ceremony

No matter how many years it has been since they served their country, they will never forget. They will never forget the time dedicated and the honor received. They will never forget the friends lost and the memories made. They will never forget the feeling of pride even if they can’t remember today. Our manager at The Heights Cottage, Christina, wanted to do something extra special for her veterans and what better way to honor them than with the American flag. A revered symbol of every veteran and active member of the military, representing what they stand for and what they fight to protect.

P1000407Christina wanted to share that symbolism and dedication with our residents and their family members. She not only honored her residents, but also invited all AutumnGrove Cottage residents as well as those from the community to participate. As a symbol of this generation respecting and celebrating a generation of old, the local high school ROTC performed the raising the flag ceremony.

It was such a special moment of for all involved. They gave each veteran a certificate of appreciation and then raised the American flag. The veterans straightened their backs, saluted the flag and glowed with pride. This moment was even more special for AutumnGrove staff because we were able to catch a glimpse of our residents that we had not seen before. One of our residents, John, who was a quiet and private person, showed us a different side of himself. He stood tall and strong when the flag was raised displaying an emotion that clearly showed how much he loved his country. It was evident that despite having Alzheimer’s he remembered in that moment what it was to be a veteran.

The most touching moment of the day came when family and staff helped Bill, a resident who had lost the ability to stand, come to his feet. Bill stood as proud as ever and saluted the flag. In that moment all limitations of an aging body were gone and what was left was a strong soldier. It was a wonderful reminder of the lives our residents had lived. It helped to remind us how we can honor them everyday and to be grateful of their dedication that protected this country.

We dedicated that flagpole to all of our residents, past, present and future, who served our country. We will never forget the time they gave and we will always help them remember.katy vetsedit 

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