Moments of Joy: Gifts of Remembrance

May 10, 2013 developer Comments

Providing daily care leads to our staff becoming very close with the residents and their families. They become an extension of their own family.  As a result, the passing of a resident leaves a void in the heart of the staff.  As a token of remembrance and to help with the mourning, the caregivers often dedicate something in the cottage, a piece of art, the garden, or even a piano in memory of those residents. What is even more special than our staff honoring the residents’ memory is when the families give a special token to the cottage in remembrance of their loved one. Two families at the Katy Cottage have done just that. Knowing how much the manager and the caregivers loved their parents they wanted to give AutumnGrove something to remember them by.

If you visit the Katy Cottage you will enjoy sitting on one of two beautiful benches in the garden. Mrs. Helen was born and raised in Scotland and having been a “war bride,” she followed her true love to the United States. Helen could not have been a more dignified and genteel woman. Her greatest enjoyment was sitting with her daughters in the flower garden sipping tea. Thanks to the love and respect given to Helen by the Katy caregivers, she lived her final years contently until she said, “Goodbye.”  Her children wanted to give something to the Katy Cottage that portrayed the beauty of their mother. They knew her love of the garden and thought that they should share her passion with everyone else. What better way for the current residents and families to soak in the site of the flowers than by sitting amongst them? That was when they thought of a bench. This way Helen’s memory would always remain in her favorite place.

DSC_0198The other bench in the Katy Cottage garden is dedicated to Bob. Bob could name every flower in the garden. He loved the outdoors and spent hours outside studying the flowers and memorizing the names of each plant. Bob was a kind and gentle soul. He read the newspaper every morning and reported the daily news to the caregivers and manager at the cottage. Bob also had a knack for baking and could often be found lending a helping hand to the caregivers in the kitchen. Along with his love of sweets, Bob loved burgers. Most Fridays at the Katy Cottage are known as grilling day. Bob was always on the back porch “supervising” the caregivers grilling his favorite burger and enjoying the view of the garden. When Bob passed his daughters Heidi and Lisa wanted to give back to the Katy Cottage everything that was given to them. They knew their father was cared for in the best way and wanted to thank everyone for honoring and loving their father. Bob’s blue bench can be seen today on the porch of the Katy Cottage. Right next to the grill, looking out to the garden, where Bob loved to be.

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