Moments of Joy: Bringing Back Easter

May 15, 2013 abigail Comments

Even though Easter Sunday has come and gone this year, I wanted to share this little story of how the thoughtful staff at the Copperfield Cottage made Easter extra special for their residents.

Saturday March 30th, the caregivers and manager at the Copperfield Cottage sat down as a group to brainstorm what to do for Easter Sunday. They wanted to give their residents something more than just a fancy meal with family and friends. They wanted to give the residents an Easter celebration that hit close to home. They started to ask their residents what were their favorite Easter traditions growing up. Throughout all of the requests for special foods to be prepared or for particular church songs to be played one thing stuck out to the staff as something different. Most of the residents recollected that they hunted real eggs on Easter as opposed to the plastic ones that are widely used today. This along with all of the other memories told by the residents got the manager and the caregivers fired up to give them an Easter celebration for the record books.20130331_111246

Easter Sunday morning came and the caregivers helped the residents dress in their best outfits and geared them up for a real Easter egg hunt. The caregivers had the eggs hidden all over the garden and even inside the cottage. The lunch that was prepared was over the top. With every favorite Easter dish of the residents and so much more, there was plenty of food for all of the family members and friends that visited their loved ones. The manager, Kristen, ordered beautiful spring flowers for the residents to wear during their big Easter meal. Old church hymns could be heard throughout the cottage all day as the many Easter activities took place. Family members and friends, along with all the residents, took part in making Easter crafts, planting a variety of colorful flowers and even enjoyed a visit from the Easter Bunny.

The staff at the Copperfield Cottage provided a wonderful Easter Sunday to the residents and their families. They took pieces of the residents’ Easter memories and put them all together to make an unforgettable day. Such a joyous way to bring back the memories of everyone who came to the cottage that day and what a thoughtful way of making the holiday an event that took the residents back in time.

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