Moments of Joy: Best Friends Forever

April 5, 2013 developer Comments

There is nothing better than having a best friend. Someone you can talk to everyday, laugh at each other’s jokes, swap cookie recipes, and just enjoy each other’s companionship. Nothing is more fun than seeing your best friend everyday. This is the type of friendship that two wonderful ladies from our Blanco Cottage in San Antonio have. Dottie and Rita have quite the history together and their story starts long before AutumnGrove.


The lovely Dottie.

Dottie is a resident at our Blanco cottage in San Antonio and Rita is one of the caregivers. Before either lived at or worked for AutumnGrove Cottage, they were inseparable. Rita was Dottie’s at home caregiver for a little over a year. Rita cared for Dottie in every way possible, from making her meals to taking her shopping and being her true friend. After about a year of caring for Dottie, Rita had to look for new job opportunities. Dottie became ill and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks and was not expected to go home. During this sorrowful time Rita began her search for a job that allowed her to have the same sense of family and companionship as taking care of Dottie had given her. Just about that time AutumnGrove Cottage began construction on our first location in the San Antonio area and was beginning to hire for the new cottage. Rita had known of AutumnGrove before we opened in San Antonio, but had no reason to apply in the past. She was thrilled to find out that we were hiring close to her home and quickly applied to be apart of our team. Shortly after she was hired, Dottie was released from the hospital. Rita was sad find out that her best friend might end up at a large nursing home, so she quickly jumped into action to try and get Dottie’s family to bring her to the Blanco Cottage. The family toured the cottage shortly after it opened and quickly fell in love with the building, staff and the company as a whole. They decided to move Dottie into the Blanco Cottage and soon enough two best friends were reunited.


Blanco Resident and Rita

Dottie and Rita continue to spend their days together and their friendship continues to grow. In fact, in true best friend fashion, Dottie gets a little jealous when Rita helps with the other residents. Dottie actually believes that the cottage is her home and all of the other residents are just long term guests. Not a day goes by that Dottie and Rita don’t spend one on one time with each other. You can catch them enjoying a pleasant day on the back porch or reading the newspaper together at breakfast. They truly have a special bond that only best friends have. AutumnGrove is happy that we were able to help reunite two friends who were not ready to give each other up and blessed that we have Dottie and Rita as part of our family. We believe in the power of friendship and love it when our caregivers become close with the residents and their families.

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