Moments of Joy: Becoming Part of the Family

June 19, 2013 abigail Comments

When a new resident moves into one of the AutumnGrove Cottages, we not only gain a new member to the cottage, but we also gain new members to the AutumnGrove family. AutumnGrove strives to honor our residents and those who love and care for them, which are the friends and family members of the residents. As the family struggles with their loved one’s progression through the phases of Alzheimer’s, we are there to care and support them. We want our family members to feel welcome any time day or night at the cottage and find support and camaraderie. Our Humble Cottage has done just this and much, much more.

Photo Apr 18, 12 10 01 AM (6)The Humble Cottage has some of the most active family members who come and visit their loved ones.  Family members can be found visiting the cottage throughout the day everyday. Whether they come for meal time or an afternoon visit, the family members never fail to show how much they care. These family members become so much a part of the Humble Cottage family that they often help out with other residents while they are visiting. Certain family members will help set the table or even enjoy an afternoon game of Bingo with the residents. The Humble Cottage manager, Lisa, loves spending time with each family member and getting to know them. She believes that it is important for the residents to spend quality time with their spouses, children or grandchildren that visit. She always invites them to every cottage holiday party or event and encourages them to participate as often as they can. One previous family of the Humble Cottage loved the holiday parties so much that they threw one of their own. Every year for Mardi Gras, this family decorated the cottage in green and purple and brought King’s Cake for all of the cottage staff and residents.

The Humble Cottage enjoys getting to know each and every family member that comes for a visit. Lisa and the rest of her staff hope to build lasting relationships with their residents and those that love and care for them. Even though their job is to care for the resident, it is also AutumnGrove’s mission to honor the family members that have put in so much time and compassion into caring for their loved ones.

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