Maple Syrup Can Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

October 18, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments
cure Alzheimer's disease

Researchers at the American Chemical Society say that pure maple syrup may help to prevent “misfolding” and the clumping of brain cell proteins. These proteins when they build up cause plaques which can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

So it was found that by using an extract from the maple syrup, two types of brain proteins were stopped from “folding” said researchers from the Krembil Research Institute of the University of Toronto. The beta amyloid and tau peptide are the two brain proteins that the extract protected. So the laboratory based Alzheimer’s preliminary studies show that phenolic-enriched extracts of maple syrup produced neuroprotective effects. Because one of the believed causes of Alzheimer’s, which causes many seniors to be patients in Alzheimer’s care centers, may be the above mentioned proteins folding; this study may be promising.

Plus; another study found benefits from maple syrup for health in seniors and everyone else besides dealing with brain health. Here, Dr. Keiko Abe of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences did a study that showed that mice which were fed real maple syrup instead of artificial syrup had better liver functions. The studies showed that genes which were involved in producing harmful ammonia in the liver to be not as active. These findings led the researchers to believe that maple sugar that’s pure may help to promote liver health. In maple syrup also is high mineral contents of manganese, calcium, zinc and magnesium. So these needed minerals; while less in amount, make the content of maple syrup similar to molasses, but without the strong taste. Too, Navindra Seeram, the assistant pharmacy professor from the University of Rhode Island, has found 34 new compounds which are beneficial which brings the total in pure maple syrup to 54. According to Navindra Seeram’s report, he located 20 of the newest healthy compounds the year before the 241st American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in 2014. The amazing thing is that 5 had never been seen in nature before.

In addition, among the 54 healthy compounds found in the syrup were obscure polyphenols and antioxidant compounds which create healthy biochemical cascades internally. Some of these are anti-carcinogenic can help to minimize or even eliminate diabetes risks and symptoms where using pure maple syrup in moderation may even benefit pre-diabetic people.

So whether the research will be proved to help prevent Alzheimer’s, it’s good for health in general.

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