Making The Transition into an Alzheimer’s Assisted Living

December 12, 2014 developer Comments

The day has come to move your loved one into an Alzheimer’s assisted living. Your family has weighed all options over the past couple of weeks and you all have agreed that this is the best option for your loved one. Now the actual day of move-in is here and everyone is nervous about how your loved one will react to his or her new home. Here are some tips to help make the transition go as smooth as possible for both your family and your loved one:

Constant communication is key. In the weeks leading up to your loved one’s big move; bring it up in light conversation. Make sure they understand, as much as they can, what their new living situation will be.

Having all family members involved in the process will be most comforting to your loved one. If your whole family speaks in a positive manner about the Alzheimer’s assisted living to your loved one, it can help them feel comfortable about the move.

Try to keep your loved one’s opinions and preferences in mind as much as possible when deciding on an Alzheimer’s assisted living. Remember, this is going to be their new home away from home. The more comfortable they feel about their new place, the easier the transition will be.

Taking tours of multiple Alzheimer’s assisted livings will help your loved one see first hand the choices they have in rooms, activities, food, staff and residents. Allowing your loved one to get a feel of the assisted living before moving them in will help them feel more at ease on move-in day.

Once your family and loved one have chosen a home, take the time to meet staff and residents before making the move. This way, everyone will get to know the people they will be seeing and interacting with every day, and it will help make the transition smoother.

After your loved one is moved into the Alzheimer’s assisted living, it is important for you and your family to visit often. Spend lots of quality time with your loved one in their new setting. They may be feeling afraid that you are going to forget about them.

Encourage your loved one’s friends to visit them as well. Having familiar faces will help make the transition less stressful.

This can be a stressful time for your loved one and your family. Take time to talk to each other and remind your loved one that moving them to an assisted living will give them the best care they need. If you can, try and keep a routine of visiting your loved one to give them something to look forward to each day.

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