Moments of Joy: A Love Story with a Happy Ending

April 22, 2013 abigail Comments

Many years ago a man by the name of Jim Mitchell brought his wife, Joan, to live at the Katy Cottage. Jim and Joan quickly fell in love with everything about the cottage. They loved the atmosphere, the people, the families and the sense of home. For four years Joan called the Katy cottage home. Jim certainly thought of it as his second home because he spent a many hours there visiting his wife and enjoying the manager’s and caregivers’ company. Jim was a regular visitor at the cottage and even treated his wife to lunch once a week at there favorite Mexican cafe.

Jim and Pat

Jim and Pat

Two years ago Joan passed away and Jim not only lost his loving wife, but also the newfound family that he had grown to call his own. The staff at the Katy Cottage was sad about losing both Jim and Joan. One day a couple of months after Joan had passed Pat, the cottage manager, received a call from Jim. He told Pat of how much he missed visiting the cottage and getting to spend time with his AutumnGrove family. After a short conversation and a long pause, Jim asked Pat if he could move into the cottage. Pat was beyond delighted and excited that he wanted to move in. She quickly got Jim moved in so he could be reunited with his family. A couple of months after moving into the cottage Jim told Pat one day, “I always knew you spoiled my wife when she lived here, and now I know what it feels like to be that spoiled.”

Jim still lives at the Katy Cottage today and you can catch him and Pat chatting it up or telling jokes to each other. It is easy to see how happy Jim is with his AutumnGrove family. Who knew that six years ago when a man moved his wife in he too would end up living in the same place she did. AutumnGrove is blessed to give Jim the chance to live his life with his family and a once in a lifetime chance to be spoiled by some of the most caring people in the world.

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