Lending a Helping Hand

August 7, 2013 abigail Comments

At AutumnGrove Cottage, we strive to help our residents be as independent as possible. Many of our residents were once active members of the working world and formed long time habits that are hard for them to give up. We have retired teachers, doctors, and politicians who still believe they are working today and want to lend a hand around the cottages. These residents are known to help out with a variety of tasks including, assisting in the kitchen, watering the flowers, or helping with other residents. They take great pride in what they do, and our staff wants to foster their feeling of having a purpose.

At the Humble Cottage one of the residents used to be an administrative assistant and will go into the manager’s office and organize paperwork. The manager always leaves blank folders and paper for her to rearrange and file away in a specific drawer. Even though the resident is not actually filing real paperwork, it is the act of organizing papers that makes her feel like she is doing something of value. AutumnGrove Cottage staff encourages the residents to be active around the cottage by doing small tasks and chores. Many of the women residents love to water the flowers at the cottages and anytime you talk to them about flowers you can see their face light up with excitement.

Just like the staff at AutumnGrove, encourage your loved one to keep doing small tasks. This will help them stay active and give them a sense of purpose in life. You might think that watering the flowers or organizing papers is mundane, but to your loved one it might be the only thing they can remember to do on their own. Tell them how much you appreciate them taking on that specific task and let them know how good of a job they are doing. You know how much it means to you when someone praises you for your work or lending a hand. So let your loved one lend a hand to you, let them have their own chore to call their own, even if it just watering the flowers.

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