Katy memory care

When the AutumnGrove Katy memory care and assisted living facility opened, it had the distinction of being the first facility of its kind in the Katy area. The facility itself is located right in the heart of Katy, which makes it an important aspect of the community. The AutumnGrove Katy memory care facility focuses on individuals who have to deal with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory-related issues.

Different Options For Different Stages

Those with early-stage memory issues can often function independently, while those in the middle-stages require a bit more attention. That is why our Katy Memory Care is different, because our professional staff assesses the needs of our residents and makes sure that assistance is available where needed.

This type of assistance is perfect for those residents who still want to feel in control but need more assistance than can be offered at traditional living options. People who struggle with different types of dementia can greatly benefit from professional guidance through dining experiences, making social connections, and different types of activities.

Expert Level Staff

Most professionals who work in caring and assistance have some form of compassion for those they work for. For those who work in facilities such as the AutumnGrove Katy memory care and assisted living, staff is expertly trained to deal with the basics of daily living, and handle the specific needs of residents who struggle with the various types of dementia. This means that they know how to respond to patients when an outburst does take place, know how these memory issues manifest themselves, and also understand why a resident may suddenly exhibit disruptive behavior. Most importantly, they understand how they should communicate properly with those staff members who have dementia.

The staff at the AutumnGrove Katy Memory Care Facility set us apart from other facilities. They come to work with compassion and dedication and want to truly make a difference for people who struggle with memory loss. That is why you are always going to see smiling residents when you walk through the door. If you refuse to compromise on comfort and basic care and truly believe that memory impairments are no reason not to enjoy life, AutumnGrove Katy Memory Care Facility is the right location.

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Minimum Rate: $5000/month