Katy Cottage Art Show

July 13, 2015 developer Comments

In honor of AutumnGrove Cottage’s 10th anniversary, our Katy Cottage had an art show for families and friends to enjoy. All of the art work that was displayed around the cottage were created by the residents and some of the staff. Pat, the Katy Cottage manager, gathered all of the art work from the residents’ families over the past couple of weeks and proudly displayed them in the cottage.

It was so much fun to see the creative talents of the residents from before they lived at AutumnGrove Cottage. It not only showed off their artistic skills, it also reminded everyone they these amazing people had wonderful lives before being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The family members of the residents were proud of their loved ones’ work and were seen taking pictures with the artwork all afternoon during the party.

Pat also had a backyard full of games and small pools for all of the kids to play in. There wasn’t a dull moment in the cottage all afternoon between all of the chatter and laughter. It was such a lovely way to celebrate the residents and AutumnGrove Cottage!

The Katy Cottage will celebrate its 10th anniversary this October. Congrats to all!

Below is some of the artwork done by residents of Katy Cottage.





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