Honoring Our Residents

September 23, 2013 developer Comments

Saturday September 21st was world Alzheimer’s day. A day that was created to help spread awareness about Alzheimer’s and other dementia related disorders. Many people around the globe pulled together, wore purple and supported a great cause. Communities around the United States have been participating in a Walk to End Alzheimer’s to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s research and support groups. Needless to say September 21st was an important day in the Alzheimer’s community. It was an important day for all families who have struggled through the disease or who are currently caring for a loved one with the disease. It was an important day for all of the caregivers, both family and professional, who spend countless hours serving those with Alzheimer’s. It was an important day for the world to realize how devastating the disease can be. But most importantly is was a day for AutumnGrove to remember why we do what we do. It was a great day to remind us of all the joy and comfort we are able to bring our residents and family members. A day of laughter, love and tender care for all Alzheimer’s residents around the world. September 21st is a day for AutumnGrove to cherish and participate in, just like any other day in our cottages, we honor our residents and those who love and care for them.


Here are some reminders of the joy that our residents bring to our lives.

Resident and Caregivers


Jim and Pat copy

Katie and Resident




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