High School Group Helps Plant Flowers at Katy Cottage

October 18, 2013 abigail Comments

AutumnGrove Cottage in Katy, Texas, had an afternoon filled with teamwork, kind hearts and happy residents. Our Katy Cottage teamed up with a group of Cinco Ranch High School students to spruce up the garden in the backyard. This group of students came to the cottage after school and got elbow deep in the flowerbeds. They helped take the weeds out of the garden, trim the hedges and plant new flowers for the upcoming winter season. While some of the students discovered their green thumbs, a handful of others visited with the residents and listened to their stories. Once the gardening was finished and the backyard was beaming with color, the caregivers and cottage manager, Pat, put together a picnic to thank the students.

The students, staff and residents enjoyed a splendid garden picnic with homemade sandwiches, dips and cookies. As the group talked and enjoyed the picnic, some of the residents starting commenting about the beautiful flowers and wanted to take a closer look. The gracious students helped walk the residents around the garden and talked to them about the new flowers they had just planted. Many of the residents comment on how wonderful the backyard looked. One resident in particular told the high schoolers how it made her feel, “These new flowers give me a whole new feeling. I love it!” commented Clara.

That afternoon of gardening is still talked about by the Katy Cottage residents. The Cinco Ranch High School group was discovered by our volunteer program and is one of many groups that go to the cottages to lend a helping hand. If you would like to volunteer at one of our cottages and help spread joy to our residents, please click HERE to our volunteer program’s web page.

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