Getting to Know The Champions Cottage Manager

July 9, 2014 abigail Comments

Champions Cottage manager, Amie McNatty, has a passion for caring for seniors with memory loss. Her compassion and kindness to our residents and their families makes her a wonderful addition to the AutumnGrove family!

Start Date with AutumnGrove: December 2013

Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: My favorite part of working for AutumnGrove is that we truly believe in providing the best care for each individual resident. To see my name behind AutumnGrove has been an honor. AutumnGrove understands that not only do we care for the resident, but we care for the families too. We are honored that families have invited us to be apart of their lives.

Favorite Activity For Residents: Some of my favorite activities to do with the residents is almost anything outdoors. Whether it’s planting a garden, grilling hotdogs, or just socializing on the patio.

What Got You Into Caring for Alzheimer’s Seniors: I have been in Senior care since I was 17. I have always had a passion for caring for seniors. At the age of 19 I began working in memory care.  I saw the impact on how my care touched the residents and knew that this is what I wanted to do! I was amazed on how the little things that we take for granted had such an impact on the residents. How a smile or a hug could brighten some ones day instantly.  It touched my heart to see that I could make a difference. That I could be a leader and train new caregivers on what it truly means to provide care. I got into Alzheimer’s care because not only did I impact them, but they impacted me.

Favorite Moment of Joy with a resident: I have several favorite moments of joy that I have had throughout my career. I have to admit there is one that will always stick out. I was sitting at my desk working on the computer. My desk was out in the common area and there was a resident that was in a wheelchair, but was able to get around by using her feet to self propel. This resident hated to wear shoes or much less anything on her feet. We would put her socks and shoes on and sooner or later we would be on a scavenger hunt to locate the sock and shoes. Sometimes we would find her socks and shoes in a plant or shoved in the couch, heck once I found her sock my desk drawer, but I always knew who it belonged too. Anyway on this one particular day I was on the computer typing away and this resident came wheeling herself up to my desk and I think she could see how intense I was working on this computer, because next thing I know she put her foot (with no sock or shoe) up on my desk and said “bet you didn’t think I would do that!” I think she knew I needed a laugh and oh boy did she give it to me. We sat there and laughed about that until we both had tears in our eyes. I said, “No not in a million years would I have thought you would do that!” After we got over our chuckles I had to tell the family this story. I gave them a call and we laughed over and over. It may sound selfish but my favorite moments of joy with the residents are not what I have given to them, but what they have given to me. They have brought such fulfillment to my life and I enjoy every minute I spend with my residents!

How Long Have You Worked in the Assisted Living Industry: 15 years

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