The Gardens of Stone Oak Cottage

April 9, 2014 abigail Comments

At AutumnGrove Cottage we strive to provide the best of everything for our wonderful residents. From home cooked meals to specialized memory care, we take the time to go above and beyond for our loving seniors. Each AutumnGrove Cottage takes pride in cooking fresh, delicious and brain empowering meals. Some of our cottages, like Stone Oak in San Antonio, have decided to take the next step in fresh food. The manager at Stone Oak Cottage, Monty, has started a vegetable garden as a means to provide the freshest of food for his residents as well as providing them with a daily activity.

The residents helped pick out which vegetables to plant in the garden and had a blast placing the seeds in the ground. Each day Monty and the residents tend to the garden and eagerly watch the hearty plants grow. The plants still have a ways to go before producing vegetables, but don’t worry because when the day comes to pick them, everyone at Stone Oak Cottage will happily lend a helping hand. Along with Monty, all AutumnGrove Cottage managers take the time and effort to provide nutritious meals for the residents that are also brain healthy. To learn about which foods are fit for your brain, click here.

Stone Oak Cottage’s Vegetable Garden

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