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Our Difference: The Freedom to Wander

March 4, 2013 abigail Comments

Our Difference: The Freedom to Wander

As we have mentioned in previous “Our Difference” blog posts, AutumnGrove is a specialized assisted living for a variety of reasons. By only caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia we have the ability to provide detailed care that is tailored to each resident in our cottages. As some of you may know there are many ways that Alzheimer’s and dementia can affect a person. One is that the person begins to wander and walk around. This can cause confusion for someone with Alzheimer’s because many buildings have multiple halls with dead ends. AutumnGrove has designed our cottages to have continuous walking paths both inside and in the backyard. Leading off the great room inside the cottages is one main hallway that circles around the building and leads the residents back to the great room. This is helpful for both the residents and caregivers. For the residents, it allows them to wander as much as they would like without getting “lost” at the end of a hallway. For the caregivers, it is easier to keep an eye on the residents when there is only one hall.

Alice's Garden Copperbrook 004We wanted to allow our residents to have a sense of freedom within our cottages. We do not lock the back door during the day so the residents are able to walk in our gated backyards at anytime. Each backyard has a small walking path surrounded by gardens and wildlife for the residents to enjoy. The cottages also have large back porches with comfortable seating for the residents to sit and enjoy beautiful weather. We allow our residents this freedom to help them keep their dignity. Our goal is not only to care for the wonderful people that live in our cottages, but also to respect them and honor them as human beings.  We hope to glorify the remaining days of someone’s mother, father, grandparent or spouse and by allowing them the freedom to move about the cottage is just one more way we can do that.

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