Does Medicare, Medicaid or Health Insurance pay for my loved one’s stay at AutumnGrove Cottage?

Senior living care is primarily paid with private funds. However, everyone has unique financial and payment needs. AutumnGrove Cottage will assist you in finding the resources available to you. We can suggest a number of financial planners, veterans’ benefits coordinators, and long-term insurance representatives to make sure you know all payment options available to you. Read more information by downloading our Cost of Assisted Living brochure.

Does Long-Term Care Insurance pay for my loved one’s stay at AutumnGrove Cottage?

Several long-term care insurance plans reimburse a certain amount of health service; including assisted livings like AutumnGrove Cottage. Having long-term care insurance allows you to choose where to receive care.

How much does an assisted living, like AutumnGrove Cottage, cost?

The cost of assisted living varies widely, depending on the location, services offered, size of the living space, and special needs (such as dementia care). We will be happy to give you a tour and discuss costs at AutumnGrove Cottage.

What is the difference between a locked unit at other residential care facilities and AutumnGrove Cottage?

Every person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is unique. Like many locked units, AutumnGrove Cottage will keep your loved one safe; however, while our residents are secure, it is done in such a way that they do not feel locked in. Our residents are able to move freely around the cottage and into the backyard safely. We will also work with you to make sure your loved one has an individualized plan of care to discover their personal history and hobbies, allowing them to make choices and preserving their dignity through meaningful activities.

What is the difference between in-home care and senior housing options like assisted living?

Home Care Agencies provide personal services to elderly or disabled clients in their residence. This includes non-medical assistance in the client’s home such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, transportation, and companionship. Assisted living is defined as a combination of housing, personalized supportive services and health care designed to meet the individual needs of people who need help with the activities of daily living, but do not need the skilled medical care provided in a nursing home.

What is the difference between assisted living and adult day care?

An adult day care can be a life saver for caregivers needing a break from the physical and mental demands and the stress of taking care of a loved one. This is a great option if you work and plan on keeping your loved one at home. However, the day-to-day activities of caring for your loved one with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be an overwhelming task for just one person. That stress could be best eased by assisted living.

What are some of the reasons that we would not be able to keep a resident? Can you handle people with aggression/behaviors?

People with Alzheimer’s or dementia use behavior as a way to communicate. Once we understand why a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia exhibits a specific behavior, we can focus on meeting the need instead of focusing on the behavior. Understanding how these behaviors manifest and possible triggers will help us assist you in getting the proper help. We will work with you to see if skilled needs come into play.

What is the staffing ratio at AutumnGrove Cottage?

Our caregiver to resident ratio is 3 caregivers to 16 residents on our day shift allowing our staff to provide quality individualized care. During the overnight shift, we have 2 caregivers assisting residents and helping prepare for the day and evening shifts needs.

What is the difference between staff at an assisted living and staff at a nursing home?

Assisted living staff assists residents with the activities of daily living, but do not need the skilled medical care provided in the staff at a nursing home. The staff at AutumnGrove Cottage fall under the assisted living category, but are also trained specifically for Alzheimer’s and dementia-related memory care on-site 24 hours a day. Our caregivers are responsible for all aspects of care for our residents. No one is assigned a specific job, so that means all staff are responsible for caring for the residents, cooking, cleaning and assisting with activities of daily living.

What is “levels of care” and what does that mean to me?

There are two pricing structures that are offered at assisted livings, levels of care and flat rates. A level of care is the more complicated of the two and creates unpredictability in the pricing. This is where an assisted living starts at one price, but any extra care comes at an extra cost. A flat rate on the other hand is very predictable and far less complicated. An assisted living will charge one price of any and all care to the residents. There are no extra charges for any extra care. AutumnGrove Cottage is a flat rate assisted living.

If my loved one needs medication, who is responsible for dispensing the medications and do we bring the medication to you?

Under the supervision of our registered nurses, AutumnGrove Cottage staff is responsible for the administration and storage of all medications. We order medications in blister packs and work with a 24-hour pharmacy who works with most health insurances.

Do all assisted livings specialize in Alzheimer’s Care?

No, not all assisted livings specialize in Alzheimer’s or memory care. In order to care for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia the assisted livings need special certification. AutumnGrove Cottage has all the certifications and our staff is specifically trained to care for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Does AutumnGrove Cottage do background checks on their caregivers?

A background check and reference of past employment is performed on every employee that works at AutumnGrove Cottage.

Is drug screening a requirement for all caregivers?

Caregivers that work at AutumnGrove Cottage are drug-free. Upon employment, staff is screened and periodic drug testing is administered.

What about licensing? Do all assisted livings need to be licensed?

When searching for a quality assisted living, it is important that you find one that is licensed by the state to care for your loved one. Ask questions and look for licensing postings. AutumnGrove Cottage is a licensed assisted living, in addition we are licensed for Alzheimer’s care.

What happens if a caregiver does not show up for their shift?

AutumnGrove Cottage has a protocol for caregivers that do not come to work, including the manager covering the shift. In addition we have a caregiver call list from other AutumnGrove Cottages and who work part time and trained to work in a relief pool. This allows us to always have caregivers available to help your loved one.

What happens to our loved one in case of a fire or natural disaster?

For the safety of our residents, AutumnGrove Cottage has fire drills with residents every month involving every resident and staff member. Additionally, we are prepared to shelter in place pending on the natural disaster. However, should the city mandate an evacuation, AutumnGrove Cottage has a plan in place for a safe evacuation of our residents.