Evaluating an Assisted Living – Checklist

January 22, 2014 abigail Comments

When the time comes to move your loved one into an assisted living, your family might find it very hard. It is not easy to tell your relative that they can no longer take care of themselves, and they must move out of their home. This is why it is important you find an assisted living that is a good match for your loved one. You want them to continue to have a good life, where they can have as much freedom as possible.

You may find there are many assisted livings in your community but they are not all the same. Some are general assisted livings, some are memory care specific, some are large and some are quite small. It is you job as a family to find the one that best suites the needs of your loved one.

Here is a good checklist to follow when deciding on an assisted living facility:
~Any company can only be as good as the owners or managers, so it’s a good idea to meet the managers/owners on one of your first visits the assisted living facility. Ask them questions and test their knowledge of the everyday workings of the assisted living.

~Meeting and observing the staff is of the utmost importance. They are the people who will be caring for your loved one and they should interact with them with the residents as much care as you would.

~Conduct research about the assisted living facility online. See if you can find any ratings or reviews. If you can’t find anything online, ask for reference from other family members or friends.

~A good assisted living will have a lot of activities to engage and stimulate the residents. These activities should alternate between those that are fun and those that are a little more intellectual.

~Make sure that the menu includes balanced healthy meals and that there is variety. If your loved one has any special dietary needs, ask the staff if they are able to provide to those needs. Bring your loved one during lunch or dinner not only to see if they enjoy the meal but to give them a chance to interact with the other residents.

~Location is also important. You will want to visit your relative frequently, and if you choose a home that is farther away, it will be harder for you to visit.

~Take note of the other residents in the building, hopefully there are many that would be compatible with your loved one.

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