Enjoying the Little Moments

February 12, 2015 abigail Comments

This month we are highlighting our Pearland Cottage as part of AutumnGrove’s 10th anniversary celebration. I received an email from one resident’s son, Joe, about the funny moments his mother has with the staff at Pearland Cottage.

Carolina has lived at the Pearland Cottage since the summer of 2014 and has quickly become friends with the staff, letting them in on her little secrets. Carolina is a humorous lady who has the workings of the Pearland Cottage staff all figured out.

Here are some of her most famous lines that she likes to tell the staff or her son, Joe, when he comes to visit:

After about a week of living at Pearland Cottage, Carolina pulled one of the caregivers aside to tell her something. The caregiver figured she was going to ask for something or just wanted to say hi, but what she wasn’t expecting was Carolina to whisper in her ear was, “If you aren’t crazy when you get here, you will be after you leave.” The caregiver couldn’t help but giggle along with Carolina in her new found knowledge.

Carolina knows that Bisi, the cottage manager, “runs the roost” so to speak in the cottage. She loves to give Bisi a rating everyday on how well she ran the workings inside the cottage. Using a 1-5 star rating system, Carolina lets Bisi know how many stars she gets at the end of each day. Almost everyday is a 4 star day, but Carolina has been known to give out 5 stars on special occasions!

In addition to Bisi running the show, Carolina believes she lives in a fancy hotel that her son, Joe, owns. She will inform Joe of how she turns off the lights to help with his electric bill.

Lastly, Carolina is known to be a little particular when it comes to her food. She likes everything just so at the dinner table and will let the caregivers know if something isn’t set just right. Whenever Joe comes to visit during mealtime he asks his mother how she likes her food and her normal response is, “I don’t want to wash the dishes so I won’t complain, but what good would it do anyway.”

As you can tell, Carolina is quite the feisty lady, but with a heart of gold. She absolutely adores Bisi and the caregivers at Pearland Cottage. Always laughing and joking, but keeping everyone on his or her toes, Carolina adds such joy to the cottage everyday.

Joe is very appreciative of the staff at Pearland Cottage. He says, “The Cottage is a very nice place, but what makes it a home is the warmth, compassion and dedication of the staff.”

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